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Paying for the Funeral

We are happy to discuss costings for a funeral, whether it be over the phone, by email, in one of our offices or at a private address.

For an email quotation you can contact Mr Ross Hickton at Ross@TEWHickton.co.uk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We tailor our funerals to suit what the client and family needs. Although we do offer one simple funeral package, which is low cost and to help the needs of a family who wish to have the simplest of funerals. For more information about our simple funeral packages, please follow this link Simple Funeral Options.

Up on contact with ourselves and once we have a picture of what the funeral wishes are, we will be able to issue a written and verbal estimate of costs in full.

We do require a pre-payment to be paid prior to the funeral these figures are below:

  • Full Payment of all 3rd Party Fees (Disbursements) we pay on your behalf, plus 25% of our Funeral Directors Fees.
  • Payment of chosen package in full, as per table of fees.
  • (We may ask for a higher deposit if high cost additional services are requested. E.G. a horse drawn hearse)

We do offer a £100.00 discount off the total funeral account if the payment is made in full by the client or estate prior to the funeral date, however this is not applicable to packages where payment is required in full prior to the funeral date.

The pre-payment would need to be paid three days prior to the funeral taking place, if they are not paid the funeral may be temporarily postponed. We can offer Funeral Financing Options- Click Here

We are very accommodating, and understand being able to organise such a deposit in a short time scale could cause difficulty. If you are waiting for insurance policies or the bank to pay us directly we would allow the payment to be made after the funeral upon receipt of such polices or as such in official writing from the payee.

We also do accepted families which are making DWP claims, and will assist with the claim process. We are however unable to wait for solicitors or probate to make the funeral account payment if it is reliant of the estate being in funds or administered. Any funeral accounts which are not paid within 90 days of the funeral date will incur a 2% interest payment being added to the account per month. Please view our full terms and conditions here.

Once the funeral has taken place we will send a detailed, final funeral invoice to the client. This would be payable within a month of receipt.

Payments can be made by:

  • Cheque (Payable to Trevor E.W. Hickton Ltd)
  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit Card (in office or over phone, American Express not accepted)
  • BACS- Online Bank Transfer (please contact us for account details)
  • Funeral Financing - Click Here

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) - Bereavement Support Payment – the DWP do grant funeral payments towards the funeral costs. This will depend on the applicant’s circumstances and income. Please visit this link Get help with funeral costs to complete and review the application process. Or you can call them for a verbal on the phone decision 0800 151 2012