Mark Roy Timmins Funeral Directors, Halesowen

The original family business of A.J. Timmins & Son Funeral Directors based on the Stourbridge Road in Halesowen was sold to Mid Counties CO-OP in the early 1990’s and remains owned by them today. Although they still use the Timmins name, there are no family members of the family involved in that business.

Mark Timmins separated from the business in 1992 and began his own independent funeral directors as he believed he could offer a deeper and more personal level of care then the CO-OP could. The business grew in strength over the coming decade, and Mark built up a good reputation with the community.

In 2001 Mark and his family took the decision to move to Australia to re connect with distant family, and the business was briefly closed. Although the family enjoyed their time in Australia they moved back to Halesowen in 2009.

Mark decided to re open the business on his return and offer the personal and professional service his reputation had gained within the community. Marks father Roy Timmins, also assists Mark as and when asked for by families.

With the assistance, and recent ownership of Hickton Family Funeral Directors of Cradley Heath the business flourished once again and Mark is available 24 / 7 to assist with funeral arrangements at time of need.

Arrangements can be made via any of our other branches by calling his number 01384 569400.